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Q: What are your nighttime activities like?

A: Each evening, we have a different engaging activity to help our campers apply what they’ve learned throughout the day. From Stargazing to Talent Shows, we are encouraging our campers to use their creative freedoms, cultivate long-lasting friendships, and have fun in a nurturing environment.


Q: Who is on your staff?

A: Our staff is comprised of adults over the age of 18 who are studying, educating, performing, and/or actively working in the world of Creative Arts and Performing Arts. You can learn more about our incredible team here.


Q: What is the food like?

A: Our kitchen provides three well-balanced meals at camp. Each meal includes several options aside from the main course, with nutritious, fresh food being a focus. Camp can accommodate a variety of dietary needs and restrictions. Please make sure to note your dietary needs on your application!

Q: Is this a good place to send my child for the first time?

A: Yes! Our program is 11 days long, so if you are a first time overnight camp family, we are a great introduction to overnight camp life.


Q: Is there a nurse on staff? My child takes medication. What is the process for medication distribution at camp?

A: All medication is stored and distributed by our camp nurse. Upon check-in, campers with medication will visit with the nurse to discuss proper protocol for medicine. Our nurse keeps all medications locked in the clinic.


Q: How much down time do the campers have?

A: We follow a daily schedule that provides routine and comfort, particularly for first-time campers. Within that schedule, however, there’s flexibility with ample time to hang out, step back and experience the moment. It’s one of the beauties of camp. We don’t hurry to get to the next thing. We have time to enjoy one another and, most importantly, to have fun.


Q: What if my child gets homesick?

A: It's not unusual for children, especially younger ones away for the first time, to feel homesick the first few days. Most get over it quickly and go on to have a wonderful time. We provide structure and keep campers busy from the moment they arrive, which helps to shift their focus away from home to new friends and having fun. By the end of the first few days, the routine is familiar and the homesickness has passed for the majority of campers. If the first letter from your child is about feeling homesick, don't be alarmed. Letters are usually written during quiet time or in the evening when those feelings are most common. In the rare instance that a child is truly struggling, we will contact you.


Q: What if my child gets sick?

A: While many times campers come to our infirmary feeling ill because they are overtired or a little homesick, some campers do actually have an illness that must be cared for.  Our nursing staff will treat their symptoms and call you only if your camper spends the night in the infirmary, visits repeatedly with the same medical concern,  has to visit our local doctor or hospital or if the nurse has a question about your camper’s medical form.


Q: Can I send letters/packages to my camper?

A: Everybody loves to get mail! We welcome you to send letters and packages while your camper is away. Avoid writing about how much fun the child is missing while away from home; you might stir up an unnecessary case of homesickness. Encourage your child to have fun and to make the most of his/her camp experience. A simple note to stay in touch is all that's necessary. You can send mail to your camper at the following address:

[Your Camper’s Name] - [Cabin Name]

℅ Camp Meraki

7 Camp Eastwood Circle

Oakland, ME 04963


Q: What does tuition cover?

A: Tuition covers all activities, evening programs, transportation during the camp term, lodging, meals and equipment usage. Tuition does not include transportation from your home to Camp Meraki.


Q: Can we make a cabin mate request?

A: We understand that often campers may come to camp with a friend that they would like to bunk with. We strongly believe that camp is an opportunity for children to meet new people, and have new experiences. As such, we limit requests to one per camper. Both families must also mutually request the campers to be in the same cabin group.


Q: Where do the campers sleep at camp?  What are the cabins like?

A: Our cabins were designed to be used year round and as such have bathrooms and showers located within the cabin. All of our cabins have electricity, sturdy wooden bunk beds and communal areas.  Campers stay in age/gender appropriate cabins under the continuous care and supervision of qualified counselors.

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