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Broadway Breakdown

Broadway Breakdown Audition

This elective is an advanced-level, audition-based class for the performer interested in the real ins-and-outs of the business. Rigorous feedback and training will be given to students as they put together a production number.

Here is how to audition:

  • Submit a headshot and resume​

  • Submit a video of the following:

    • Vocals: Musical Theatre selections that demonstrate range, musicianship, and performance skills. Solo material only.​

      • Option 1: One song of your choice​

      • Option 2: Two contrasting 16-32 bars

    • Acting: A monologue of your choice that demonstrates acting range, characterization, and performance skills. Solo material only.

    • OPTIONAL for Strong Dancers, NOT required: A video of solo jazz or theatre dance material that demonstrates technique, flexibility, characterization, and musicality. Students may perform choreography they have learned or they may perform original choreography. No group numbers, please.

DEADLINE: AUGUST 1, 2018 by 10 am

Please send all information in ONE email to , with the subject: Audition Submission.

Should you have any questions, please send us an email! We will be in touch with you a few days after the due date of submissions. Thank you!

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