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At Camp Meraki, we have made it our mission to provide a place where tomorrow’s artists can learn, collaborate, and thrive. We appreciate the fact that you have made the decision to immerse your child in the arts - whether you are new addition to our camp family, or have been returning for years!

Camp Meraki operates under the umbrella of NYC’s LMproject, LLC. As a 501c3, tax-exempt organization, and we depend heavily on donations from both individuals and corporate sponsors. Being a 501(c)3 nonprofit business is especially meaningful because we can sustain and advance our vision for education in the arts! Your support is vital so we may continue providing education in performing, musical, and visual arts for children and teens. We need your help! Donations in any amount are superbly appreciated and we welcome any and all help with open arms! Thank you for considering Camp Meraki / NYC’s LMproject, LLC!


If you’re wondering how you may be able to help out, here are some ideas:

AMAZON SMILE. As a 501c3, Camp Meraki qualifies for Amazon Smile donations under our umbrella company of NYC's LMProject. This allows you to donate .5% of your total Amazon order AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. You can, therefore, offer Camp Meraki a free donation as you go about your day! Click the link below, and you can sign in (you only have to sign in once!) and donate to Camp Meraki every time you place an order on Amazon!

A tax-deductible monetary donation. These donations can be put towards transportation for our guest artists, the betterment of camp programming, and the ability to hire the best possible staff to train your child and encourage artistic growth. Past monetary donations have also been put toward the production value of our final show - allowing us to provide the best possible technical elements (lighting, sound, set, etc) for you to see your child truly shine!

Donation of office/art supplies. With printed monologues, and sheet music, as well as art supplies used in our costume and visual art electives, we are always appreciative of any contributions that can be made in these departments! Paint, poster board, printer paper, pens, and folders are examples of donations made in past years.

Decorations for our banquet/Miscellaneous supplies. We love being able to dress up our dining hall every year for the much-anticipated camp banquet. We’re able to completely change the atmosphere of our dining hall to make it a truly special night at the end of our program. Also sleeping bags. Flashlights. Have a sweet tooth? We would happily accept a donation from your personal chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker supply!

MORE CAMPERS. The best donation we get every year is new campers. Referrals allow us to grow and spread our message of the importance of the arts on a wider scope. Love our program? Please help us spread the word.

We are so appreciative of anything you are able to donate to Camp Meraki - even if it is just your continued support! Thank you for helping us help the artists of tomorrow!

Please email for more information about how you can help with a donation!

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