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Daily Life

Each day at Meraki Creative Arts Camp is made up of activities that keep campers creating, learning, and having fun!  

Morning Sing

What better way to start the day than by making music as a camp! After breakfast every morning, the whole camp gathers in the theatre to work on our group songs for the week. Every year, we offer a huge variety of genres to be performed at the final show. In the past, we've done pop, rock, R&B, and of course big Broadway numbers: everything from Sondheim to the Violent Femmes, and everything in between! 


We offer a huge variety of electives each year! Film, singing, Shakespeare, monologues, and costume design are just a few we have offered in the past. These vary from year to year because we never know what amazing guest teachers may join us for the summer! Students select three different electives to take during the day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. Check out all of our awesome electives here!


This time offers the exciting opportunity for campers to learn new skills or enjoy a fun class with their friends! Some of the activities and workshops we have offered in the past have included salsa dance, beatboxing, synchronized swimming, yoga, Broadway choreography, MadLibs Karaoke, and, of course, TIE DYE!


A time for campers to relax, rehearse, or swim! Twice a day our pool is open to campers, and we take several trips to the waterfront throughout the week to visit the beautiful lake. During freetime, campers can explore the campground with friends, practice music for the talent show, or maybe just take a nap! With so much fun and creativity jam-packed into the day, campers use  this break time to enjoy the summer without a care in the world.

Evening Activity

The "main event" of our camp day! Campfires, Talent Shows, Counselor Hunt, Mini Musicals, Night Swim, Stargazing, and the Camp Dance! Campers spend the whole day looking forward to the fun activity planned for the evening. 

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