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Staff Application

At Camp Meraki, we are looking for fun, passionate, energetic staff members. Whether you are a returning counselor interested in teaching an elective, or a first-time potential staff member looking to join the Meraki team, we encourage you to check out the application below!


Meraki counselors are responsible for looking after our campers and making sure they have the summer of their lives! Counselors are each assigned to one cabin for the duration of camp, and spend their time encouraging campers in their electives, leading group activities, and initiating cabin bonding. Counselors are the glue that holds the Camp Meraki experience together, so we're looking for enthusiastic counselors on our staff. If you think you can bring some camp magic to Meraki, please apply! IF YOU ARE APPLYING TO BE A COUNSELOR AND WOULD ALSO LIKE TO TEACH AN ELECTIVE, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO COMPLETE A SUPPLEMENTARY APPLICATION.


Camp Meraki takes pride in the fact that while we are a non-competitive atmosphere, we offer instruction from qualified professionals who have critically studied, and worked in their fields, for a number of years. Our instructors have graduated with art degrees from top programs in the country, have created dance companies, have won film awards, have directed productions in New York, and have opened arts programs in schools - and that's just a few of the amazing professionals we are lucky enough to have every summer. in When it comes to our teachers, ART is their passion, and TEACHING is their Meraki. If you feel passing on the joy of art to the upcoming generation is of interest to you, consider applying to be a Meraki Instructor! Please note that first year counselors are not eligible to teach electives. 

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