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Camp Meraki 2020 Update

To our Meraki family,


After many months of deliberation, we have decided to cancel our 2020 season in Maine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It breaks our hearts to make this decision and we know it’s difficult for our entire Meraki family. However, Camp Meraki is not just a place we visit every August. It’s a family. A community. A place to create, share art, share laughs, and grow. We are strong and resilient. Together and as a community, we can get through this.


Even though we will not be able to be physically together, we feel strongly that we are a supportive family throughout the year and not just during our time at the campground. Be a part of our virtual program in August where we can be together, creating and laughing. It may be in front of a screen this year, but we are sure to celebrate our Meraki family through our virtual program.

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