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Ghost Light

Join us in August for a unique, one-of-a-kind, 

Broadway and Film Experience

What is "Ghost Light Summer 2020"?

Because we can't be together in Maine this summer, we have created a star-studded virtual version of our beloved Camp Meraki called Ghost Light Summer 2020! This Zoom-age version of Camp Meraki will include as many of the incredible community, family, and life-long friend building activities as possible that make Camp Meraki different than other theater camps. But since we are being forced to re-think and re-build theater as art in the current world, we also want to explore together what that means, and how technology has changed and will change theater in the future.   

"Ghost Light Summer 2020" is, by necessity, a newly imagined virtual Meraki, brought to your living room (or wherever you can belt your face off without annoying your family). But -- make no mistake, "Ghost Light" won't be just the same classes and electives you may remember. All your same favorites, like morning exercise (massages), morning sing, and others will be present in some form, in addition to introducing new classes, including the increasingly important art of self-taping, video editing, and production, live-streaming production, and others.


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About Ghost Light

Why "Ghost Light"?

One of the most important of all theater traditions is that the theater is NEVER left empty and dark. Every night, on every Broadway stage, a single light is wheeled onto the stage, burning bright in the dark, shining like a beacon and letting the world know that this darkness is just temporary, and the world of theater will return very soon. 

While we would prefer to spend our two weeks with you, around real campfires, swimming in the lake, singing, dancing, and creating art together, we wanted to create a place where you could do the same thing by continuing to hone your craft and enjoy what makes theater special -- the people, the fun, the memories, and changing peoples lives... even if we can't do it in person.

Theater isn't a place. It's people, connecting with people, onstage and off, telling stories and helping people escape their reality for a little while. There is never a more important time than right now to continue helping people and letting them forget the outside for a little while. So we will still be here shining into the darkness.

Activities and Classes

Activities and Classes

We’ve been working hard on a program that incorporates all of the state-of-the-art training you’ve come to expect from Camp Meraki. Ghost LIght Summer 2020 will consist of three fun-filled hours per day for two weeks! You’ll take part in two classes per day, and one additional hour of Camp Magic: either a masterclass or an evening activity! We’ve found a way to fit plenty of Meraki excitement into these three hours so that you’re still able to have plenty of the day to yourself to enjoy the summer, explore your passions, and digest what you’re learning each day in your classes! 


In rotation, our classes will consist of all of the core curriculum that makes up our elective selections every summer: rigorous training in singing, dance, acting, and film. We’re designing courses that are specifically made for virtual learning. We’ll make sure that the education you get during our program will be just as comprehensive and inspirational as what you’d get in Maine! Our instructors have been hard at work making sure that our online electives are ready to meet all of your needs when it comes to learning about the various disciplines within the performing arts - a full list of classes will be announced shortly.


Our masterclasses and evening activities will allow for all of the camp family bonding that makes each summer special. We will have superb guest artists to offer insight and guidance as well as games, and campfires to make your living room feel just like Camp Eastwood! 


We’ll learn group music and dances, host talent shows, and make sure that everyone is ready for our 2020 Final Show, which will stream online for you and your families and friends to enjoy.


Let’s make the most of our time apart by spending it TOGETHER!

Wait...Did you say Star-Studded?!

Why yes.... Besides your favorite stars like Alisa, Christine, Anastas, Hunter, and many others, we have secured not one, but TWO Elite Broadway guest artists to help with Ghost Light 2020, as well as possible random drop-by Broadway and theater friends of the staff (unfortunately they have plenty of time right now...)

There may or may not be TONY awards involved...

Details for the guest artists will be announced at the 7/6 Campfire!!

What's Included?

Because we are creating something totally new and never done before, our full programming schedule is still being developed. Although subject to change, we are looking to offer the following:

  • 2 full weeks  (weekends off)

  • Day Classes, Masterclasses, and your favorite Meraki Evening Activities!

  • “Final Show” via our Youtube Live stream

  • MULTIPLE MASTERCLASSES: How to film a professional-quality audition self-tape, BROADWAY Guest Artists!

  • Meraki-in-a-Box -  Your favorite Meraki traditions in a box, to open during evening activities!

  • Many more surprises in the works!


Our state-of-the-art classes and masterclasses are still being developed but we are looking to continue offering dance, Song performance, Film, Songwriting, Audition Workshops, Arts and Crafts as well as new topics like film editing, iPhone cinematography, self-taping and more.

We also want to hear from you about what you'd love to learn this summer. Let us know!

The Final Show!

In true Meraki fashion, we are absolutely still going to have a final show, showcasing all of the work done through the two weeks, live-streamed to the Meraki Youtube channel at our normal performance time, and recorded for your future viewing pleasure!


NEW for Ghost Light Summer 2020, we are introducing our Meraki Accelerated program. In addition to the main camp, each student ain the accelerated program will be given multiple one-on-one sessions with the staff to develop individual songs, monologues, etc. to really push their performances into the next level.

IN ADDITION, each student will get a 20-minute individual work session with one of our Broadway Guest Artists where they can really learn from one of the top professionals in the business on how to make their work stand out!

The Accelerated Program is available to students who are high school sophomores and above. 


This has never been offered before and we are really excited to be able to finally bring it to the Meraki community!



Also NEW for Ghost Light Summer 2020, we are introducing Meraki Beginners, a 5-day virtual program for our younger students!

Not quite old enough for our full program? Get a taste of Meraki magic with our Meraki Beginners Program! If you're between the ages of 5-8, and you love to sing, dance, act, and create, this is the perfect intro to finding your Meraki!


Mon: Intro to Meraki - What it means to be an artist!
Tues: Music - Exploring our voices
Wed: Dance - Creating with movement
Thurs: Acting - Playing with characters
Fri: Camp Magic - Why connecting with others matters!

August 3-7

Daily 10am-11am

If you know of anyone with theatrically minded students in that age range, please tell them about us or introduce them to us so we can help keep theater moving through this trying time!

Accelerated Program
Meraki Beginners
Pricing and Financials

Pricing and Financials

Ghost Light Summer 2020 Pricing

With Camp Meraki's forced shift to a virtual version for this year, we are happy to announce that we are able to provide the Ghost Light Summer 2020 at a 50% Reduced rate from your current tuition!  That allows us to provide as much of the incredible Meraki experience that you have come to love and expect of us, while understanding the needs and realities of the world right now.

*The "Accelerated Program" are an additional TBD cost to the base camp pricing 

***As we manage the cash flow of our small business, we will not be able to process prepaid tuition refunds immediately but expect to receive refund checks by October 1st.

**The "Meraki Beginners" is a separate program from the Ghost Light Summer 2020 camp. Pricing TBD

Financial Options

We know you and your student have to decide if a virtual program is right for you this summer. We have provided the following options below for you consider.

Still Excited to Join Us?!

  • Donate:  Across the country, there have been closures of theaters, music halls, museums, performing arts programs, and studios due to COVID-19. Camp Meraki is no exception, as the impact of hardship resonates throughout the entire arts community.

    Support Camp Meraki through this difficult time by donating all or any portion of your remaining tuition fees paid to date. Your generosity will allow us to make up for unplanned losses this year from COVID-19 and plan for the future with confidence.

  • Roll Over:   Carry your registration over to 2021 by rolling over your 2020 payments. Rolling over will lock you into our 2020 tuition rate.

I am unable to make it this year

  • Refund:   If you are not in a position to donate or roll-over your tuition to 2021, we will issue a refund. As we manage the cash flow of our small business, we will not be able to process refunds immediately but expect to receive refund checks by October 1st. If your circumstances require a more swift refund, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


August 10th-21st, 2021

Despite all the hardships and uncertainty we are encountering, we are already planning for  Meraki in Maine for 2021!

Save the dates for next year when we hopefully return to Camp Eastwood and return stronger than ever!

Meraki 2021
We WANT to Help

We WANT to Help! Tell us how!

Camp Meraki and its predecessor, C-A-M-P, have been bringing theater and camp magic to the Northeast for over 30 years. Many of our students have literally grown up at this camp.  Besides the lifelong friends and memories every student creates, many have gone on to their own professional performing careers. 

This year is different...

One of the harsh realities of this year is that summer camps, art institutions, and artists all over the country have taken a devastating hit.


Cancelling this season has created many financial challenges for Camp Meraki, both from the rolling nature of camp finances and expenses throughout the year that we are unable to utilize this year. As well, many of the staff have lost their paying theater work as the theatrical world came to a standstill, as well as their survival jobs in the restaurant, hospitality, and other sectors.


This summer, we need your support and generosity more than ever in order to ensure that Meraki will continue to exist and grow into next year and the future.


How Can We Help?


If you find that you are in a position to help us this year, we encourage you to take part in our community. We greatly appreciate it. Donating part or all of your prepaid tuition, or even a little on top, will help to ensure that we can meet the harsh financial realities of the next couple months and year with confidence and help us keep the 30-year tradition of Camp Meraki and

"C-A-M-P" for the next 30 years.


One of the best ways to help grow our community and our program is to spread the knowledge of Camp Meraki. Sharing the camp magic with new friends is a gift that only benefits our Meraki family. Having more campers will allow us to:

  • Expand our elective offerings such as costume design, theatre tech, rock band, photography, and more

  • Add more professional teachers

  • Bring in more guest artists

Help enhance the experience for our campers and the artists of tomorrow!

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